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If you are thinking of buying a Wagner airless paint sprayer, you are on the right page. Below we tell you about Wagner’s latest models, to help you to determine which one is right for your projects.

The Wagner brand is a strong one, which has been around since 1953. Josef Wagner founded his company when he came up with the idea of making powered spray gun to help him to restore old farm machinery, which he sold.

In 1965, Mr. Wagner, who was also a fully trained engineer, began developing airless high-pressure paint spraying equipment. His new range was specifically designed with professional painters and paint shops in mind.

Today, the company manufactures in five countries, including one in the US. They now make a range of paint application systems including powered rollers and paint sprayers.

Wagner is a one-stop shop for both professional and home decorators. They also make surface preparation equipment, such as paint strippers, wallpaper steamers and heat guns.

The firm has a reputation for selling carefully developed products that are well built and do a good job. As a result, if you have a decorating project to complete you can buy everything you need to get a professional finish from this company.

On this page, we look specifically at the Wagner power sprayer range.

The Wagner Control Spray Max

This sprayer is well named. It is lightweight and has a variable flow trigger that allows you to spray in a controlled manner and easily get into tight spots.

Using the dial on the trigger allows you to adjust the spray width to between 1 and 10 inches. This delivers precision you rarely see with most paint sprayers that are designed for home users.

You can also avoid overspray using the variable air pressure controller.

It comes with a small compressor that is light enough to hold, should you need to.

Overall, it is a great unit for the home user, but you have to get the consistency of your paint exactly right to get good results.

Wagner Flexio 890

If you are looking for a fast way to paint your walls, re-spray a table, or your kitchen cabinet doors the Wagner Flexio sprayer is the right tool for the job. It is particularly good for trim work, which makes it a fast and effective way to paint a room.

This sprayer system is robust, and flexible enough to cope with a complete renovation, but it is not designed to be used every day, for contractor work.

You need to be careful about cleaning your device. It only has to be left unused for 10 minutes for the spray nozzle to block up, so preparing everything in advance is essential.

This sprayer produces a slightly stippled finish that is very similar to the finish you get with a roller, making it a beloved tool for painting the house.

The Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

This Flexio hand held sprayer can be used to spray undiluted paint. With a spray rate of 8 gallons an hour, it is easy to cover over 50 sq ft in an hour.

This Wagner paint spraying system is designed to allow you to spray everything including frames, edges and corners, as well as large flat surfaces.

Included in the kit is the Flexio sprayer, which also produces a slightly stippled finish.

There are two nozzles and cups in the kit allowing you to change paint, which is handy when painting in the home.

There is not much overspray from this model, but it is still important to mask everything to be safe, before getting started. This makes it a good option for DIY and small projects.

Wagner Control Spray Double Duty

If you know you will be working on a project, which includes a lot of fine detail this is potentially a good paint sprayer for you.

The variable trigger allows you to narrow the spray to as little as ½ inch, but for bigger projects, you can go up to 9 inches wide.

Included in the kit are two material cups. One holds 1 quart, the other 1.5 quarts.

It is important to get the consistency of the paint just right. You should do some test sprays to check the mix, before getting started.

For a home user, this product is a good fit. Provided you clean it carefully between each use, it should last for many years.

Wagner Paint Ready Sprayer Station

This kit includes a Wagner Paint Ready sprayer unit, a turbine unit and 15ft of hose.

It sprays practically any kind of paint or stain at a rate of 15 fluid ozs per minute.

The 11/2 qt paint cup allows you to complete medium sized projects without the need to recharge the paint or stain.

It is capable of spraying latex paint without thinning, and is very good for outdoor projects.

However, the fact that the spray is not as fine as that produced by some other spray painters means that the Wagner PaintReady sprayer produces a slightly stippled finish.

Wagner Power Painter Plus

The Wagner Power Painter Plus features a flexible suction tube, which allows you to spray at a range of angles.

It has a Sure Prime feature, which means you do not have to re-prime the sprayer if you have to take a break.

This paint spray unit is great for small projects, but the fact that it only has a 1-quart pot means it is not a good option if you have large areas to cover.

It is a good choice for a home user, but there is a learning curve. You will need to experiment with paint mixes, and learn how to clean the nozzle properly. Once you do that, you will find that this is a great home spraying system.

Other models

It is also worth considering buying a Wagner paint crew plus or Wagner paint crew 770. These feature rich older models can sometimes be picked up for a reasonable price, but please bear in mind that parts for them are not always easy to find.

You can also consider the newer direct feed sprayer, the Wagner 990.