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People often plan out their upcoming spray painting projects. Planning them out is an excellent idea since there is much that needs to be thought about. Use our HVLP project guides to help you get started.

HVLP spray paint guns are used for many different DIY around the home projects. Some that we have covered are spray painting furniture and deck and fence staining.

As we did our research it become more and more apparent the deeper we got that great planning is necessary. In fact it is probably not going to come out the way you visioned it, if you don’t sketch everything out.

As they say “if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail”. That is so true.

Keeping up with the enormity of planning this out, and with all of the new things you must include preparation on, we thought that we could give you a leg up. A head start on the many of a wide variety of subjects you will need to think long and hard on.

So with that in mind we have taken four often completed spray paint projects, and we have written an article for you to read and become familiar with what’s going on in this project areas.

They are here for you, read, take notes and go ahead and use them to get you started well, on your path to completing your spray painting projects.

You can plan out your kitchen cabinet remodeling and painting project with this informative post. Many great points are brought to your attention. We are sure there are some points that you had given thought to. This will help you out with a plan to succeed.

We give you a list of supplies you may need and we get heavy into some actual step by step directions for doing the spray painting.

These directions may be used as a guide for your planning. This article will get you thinking in the correct direction. You will be able to adapt the things you like, along with the other things that you will actually need to do. Read More »

Great preparation will make painting your kitchen cabinets go much easier. This will be a great DIY job for you.

Decks and fencing are critical aesthetic areas of your property. You should work year in and year out to maintain their condition. Also as these are aged by weather conditions it will become necessary to work on keeping them stained.

Their appearance will help keep the value of your property as high as it can be. You will be expected to keep your property’s value high as a result of your hard work.

These two jobs however can be made much easier to do, with the use of a good HVLP paint sprayer. We cover many areas of thought and planning that you will realize you need to do for success.

Please use our guide as a tool to improve your work effort and planning in staining your deck and fence. Read More »

In my studies on spray paint projects it seems as though that this one is the one Project. Well what do I mean by that? Painting a wall, staining a deck or fence, and even painting furniture didn’t seem to matter to people as spray painting a car.

Whether it is your car, or a really older antique model car, getting the paint finish correct, seems to matter the most to the doer. With that in mind we have gone into much greater detail in this guide. A job of more importance required digging deeper to give you a much more detailed guide for auto finishing.

Enjoy everything from details on planning out how much paint is needed, to great details and a microscope’s view on stripping and priming your ride. That hot car you have always dreamed about is now just a great refinishing project away from being yours to be proud of.

We have laid it all out for your reading, studying and note taking.

From your study you can plan out the smallest details on what you really need to do to prep your car, to get the very best finish. A great paint job that will be worn with great pride. Read More »

Your furniture seems to take the brunt of activity. In doing so the colors become affected with time. Colors will fade or may be it is just time to match up different pieces as a set, for use in another room.

Open your eyes and take a third persons look at your house. You need to be really wide eyed and honest with yourself.

What do you see. You will probably be shocked to see many things you just don’t see normally. Now you need to decide to put the effort in to make things look new and fresh again. Are you up to it? Read More »

You will need to be aware of the variety of types of paint that are available. Which finish is the best one for you? We also cover the details on where you can do your work and also some tips on picking out the right equipment for the job.

What type of finish do you think would be best? Do you know what type of paint you will be needing? Discover some of the different finishers and what works for each of many scenarios.

Again preparation is key to making the project a success. Looking for cracks, and rough spots and then sanding them down and filling them in and smoothing them out will lead to a great looking finish with a piece of furniture.

This is our best area for learning all about the art of spray painting. You will realize that there is much that goes into a successful spray painter. You may not have the experience yet, but at least you can be prepared to do your best. Read More »