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Painting the interior of a home can be challenging but yet fun as well. Choosing the right color of paint, the right type of paint, prepping the home and the actual process of applying the paint to the walls can be tough.

Painting the House without an HVLP Paint Sprayer is Very Time Consuming

It can be difficult to make the decisions on paint color and can be time-consuming to get the work done; not to mention the challenges that come with applying the paint properly. For this reason, many people opt for the use of a Home Paint Sprayer.

Keeping this in mind here are some areas you will want to pay attention to.

Prep the Room

Many first time DIY paint sprayer catastrophes occur because a homeowner didn’t properly prep their space. Prepping offers a number of different benefits.

As an example, raised areas of the walls are sanded away and any minor repairs that need to be done are done during the prepping phase. Prepping a space also protects it from over spray, which is common when using a paint sprayer.

Other considerations when using a spray painter are laying plastic over the floor, and covering furniture.

You might also look at these other areas for prepping. You should also include taping off windows and trim.

This will ensure that the paint only sticks where it’s supposed to. Remember you are unable to back track once you are in the process. Preparation is your best answer for success in using a spray painter.

Prepping the Paint

To paint a house with a spray gun, many times the paint has to be strained properly. This will ensure the proper smooth flow of the paint through the gun and onto your surface.

This is true for any indoor/home paint sprayer. Just as here’s another great tip, follow the specific instructions that come with your sprayer.

It’s important to use the appropriate tools, such as a paint strainer and a plastic bucket. These usually may be purchased at a home improvement store near you, conveniently and very inexpensively as well.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

A paint sprayer can provide a beautiful even coat of paint on walls, but in the process, it creates a great deal of over-spray.

It is stressed as important that the painter should probably cover their clothes with overalls, or wear something they don’t mind getting covered in paint.

This will save you from ruining an outfit you are really comfortable in, or one that you really look good in. You will thank us later.

You should also cover your hair (unless you really dig purple or yellow hair, LOL) and wear protective goggles. Please remember eye protection is very important, you can not get your precious eye sight back, once it is damaged.

Also please remember as point that you can easily ruin a pair of eyeglasses, should you wear them during spray painting. You will not believe how quickly they could get covered with microscopic paint. Yikes, it will effect your glasses.

Test the Sprayer

Once the reservoir of the paint sprayer is filled, it’s important to test it to ensure it’s spraying evenly and smoothly.

Now you should try using a piece of wood or cardboard, this is an excellent way to do this. The best paint sprayer for home use/walls will have a nozzle adjustment option that will allow a painter to create the perfect flow for their needs.

The specs for the spray painter will guide you in the type of spray you will get, and then consider if that is indeed what you are looking to accomplish.

The Painting Process

Once the adjustments have been made to the nozzle, it’s important to stand at least a foot away from the wall while painting. It would be suggested to have make a test area, or have a test board made up, where you may actually use the sprayer to see what you are going to be getting if you use it, as it is set.

Adjustments maybe be made. Then you will be getting the paint job that you set out to accomplish.

Make sure that the paint is applied in even strokes in three to four foot increments. This will give the best coverage and the most even coat of paint. It’s important to apply several thin coats of paint to promote a more even look.

Follow the Directions

Whether the paint sprayer is rented or purchased, there will be manufacture recommendations for use. It’s important to follow the instructions for both filling the sprayer as well as cleaning it between uses. This will ensure that it continues to work for the duration of a project and much longer as well.

The manufacturer knows much about it’s creation, so use there wisdom. take the necessary time and effort to study out all of the points of direction.If you are planning your project out you will very happy with the results. If you are not you will be disappointed in what you get. If you are not planning then you are planning to fail.

Saving Time Your Main Goal?

If you have the right tools any job is possible. Without the right tools any project can become very cumbersome, expensive, time consuming and maybe even disastrous.

Using a spray painter is a very good thing, a great time saver and a fantastic way to accomplish the sizable job you need to complete.

So whether you have multiple rooms to paint or you need to paint the exterior of your home, or if you plan on doing painting in the future and you want it to go quickly and smoothly, a paint sprayer is a great option.

With many choices from industrial quality paint sprayers to paint sprayers that were made to be used around the home, there are plenty of options when it comes to quality and price for virtually any budget.

See our reviews of sprayers and how to pick a great sprayer out for your exact job. Remember the right tool is always the best tool to accomplish your project.