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Deciding to use a HVLP spray gun, if you have never used one, can be a real challenge. As with anything new there is definitely a learning curve in learning to use one properly and efficiently.

With that in mind we have provided some pages for you with some helpful information. We discuss openly some of the more difficult areas of operation.

Areas such as having the paint of the proper viscosity, and the correct spray nozzle for your spray gun to name a couple of them.

The way we figure it, it is better to learn from someone else’s mistake, than by finding out the most costly way. Wasting your valuable resources of your time and your money.

Read these pages and save your self from experiencing some real anxiety. Making mistakes will often do that.

We all agree that using a HVLP Spray gun will be much quicker and easier than not using one. One of the biggest ways to not be able to use your spray gun, is that it malfunctions due to not working because someone didn’t clean it thoroughly and properly after it was last used.

How frustrating to have to deal with that situation. So why not? Just decide that you will never have to deal with cleaning as an issue with owning a HVLP spray gun.

Not cleaning your spray gun promptly and properly could cost you the usage of this painting equipment.

It may only work maybe 5 times for you, instead of working multitudes of times for years. Huh? Limited use or a lifetime of using it? Which do you choose? I know what my choice is.

Did you know that there are two main ways to keep your spray gun clean. There are these two methods, pH-Neutral Cleaning Solutions and Solvent-Containing Solutions.

You may read and learn which method you would prefer. Just remember you do need to treat this as a very important part of using a HVLP paint sprayer.

You can learn about these two paths by going to our guide on cleaning a spray gun. Put your thinking cap on here, this is some very technical stuff.

For more great information on cleaning, take a look at our full guide. Read More »

When using a HVLP spray gun, the one operational force that is vital to the sprayer working well is the air compressor. If you know little about compressors, it is important to be aware of the many issues that you face.

You will want to get your spray gun to the point of being a top performance spray gun. You will get the best results that you are looking for.

Choosing the right engine, which is the air compressor for your gun, is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Please note that there are major differences in whether your spray gun is powered by a compressor, or a turbine type compressor.

When choosing the correct compressor you will need to make sure the amount of air used and the Spray Gun’s requirements (as rated by the manufacturer) match up well.

Also you will need to consider how many spray guns are being used by the compressor.

You must be aware that If the compressor is too small for the type of gun you are using, it will affect the quality of the finish on the surface. In retrospect a too large of a compressor will be a waste of your money.

You need to know about them and then you also need to know how to best use one, to get the results you are looking for. The different types of guns will have different needs.

Some compressors are not meant to be used for certain types of jobs. Learn to check for the manufacturer’s suggested specifics to get the best results. You can learn about these requirements in this guide. Read More »

Spray painting involves different types of jobs, and using different types of spray painters. You will find that assorted types of jobs can only be done well using the tool best designed for that job.

Yes some sprayers can be convertible to different types of jobs by using different painting tips.

Keeping these in mind we look at a few separate examples of what you are using your spray gun for and then helping you match up what you need to buy to accomplish that job.

If you need to learn about latex spray painting, or primer painting this page will help you dig out the truth of what you are facing and how to do the production job that needs to be completed. Read More »

Many different things need to be learned along the path of finding out how to choose the right paint sprayer for you. A list of things to think on are the costs of the supplies, the finish you are looking for and how long do you need to have the spray gun working for you.

Knowing that you need to learn about things such as viscosity, and atomization rates, and air caps, and air compressors just to name a few is probably a challenge for you. We make the difficult to understand a little easier for you to learn.

Air caps are very important here as well. Here is why: the air cap the user chooses will determine some things, including spray pattern size and the cap’s ability to break up high-viscosity coatings. These will be certain to be done well in your job.

With the air caps there are three types. The HVLP air cap, the HVMP air cap and the conventional air cap. These three differences will translate into two difference maker measurements. You will want to read our article for more information.

So we have broken this high tech information down to layman’s terms so that you might understand what it is you need to know to make the best situation possible for you and the jobs you plan on completing. Read More »