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To stand any chance of getting a professional finish you need to use the right spray gun. One of the best manufacturers of paint spraying guns is DeVilbiss. The fact that the company has been in operation for over 100 years is evidence of just how good their spray guns and outfits are.

Oddly, the first spraying product produced by the firm’s founder Dr Allen DeVilbiss was designed for use in medical settings. He needed to deliver medication in a fine mist to enable his patients to breathe it in, so that they could absorb the drugs. To achieve this he put together an atomizer.

In 1907, his son Thomas realized that his father’s invention would make a great spray gun. The rest is history. Today, DeVilbliss is a leader in the spraying sector.

Many professional sprayers use Devilbiss kit. However, the firm’s fair pricing policy means that hobbyists, homeowners and DIY fans, can easily afford to buy their products.

Before we do a quick round up of their HVLP sprayers, we felt it would be helpful to remind you of why investing in a good quality spray gun is worthwhile.

Devilbiss Finishline 4

The Finishline 4 is very similar to the GTI 620g in the way it handles and performs. It also offers multiple fluid tips, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.8mm, with an air-adjusting valve, and a 900cc aluminum fluid cup. The fact that the internal passages of the gun are anodized makes it easy to clean.

This Devilbiss spray gun handles stains, varnishes and lacquers well, so it a good choice for a carpenter or hobby woodworker. The fact that it also copes well with modern latex paints well, makes it a good choice for home decorating. You also get good results with auto paints. This is a good all round HVLP spray gun.

Why buy the best

Without a doubt, the finish you get is impacted by the quality of the paint, lacquer or other covering product you use. However, if you do not have a good spray gun you will never get a good finish even if you have bought the best and most expensive paint. Please read on to find out why that is the case.

Successful spraying requires you to work out how fast you need to pass over each item to ensure that enough of the product sticks to what you are spraying. If you move too slowly, you end up with a patchy finish.

Go too fast and you end up with drips and runs. When you watch a good sprayer at work, you will notice that they get into a rhythm and work at a consistent pace.

This rhythmic way of working is only possible if the paint is delivered at a consistent rate. If you use a cheap spray gun, it will spit and splutter, making it impossible to get a good result.

If your spray gun nozzle keeps blocking having to stop and unblock it, also leads to a poor finish. When you start spraying again, it is practically impossible not to end up partially recovering an area, which makes it hard to achieve a smooth finish.

Every product has different properties and viscosity. Thin water based paint comes out of a spray gun at a far faster rate than thick enamel does, so it covers differently. The fact there are so many differences in the way in which spray materials behave means that sometimes you need a spray gun that is specifically designed for that task.

Devilbiss Auto Painting and Priming Kit

Having a choice of spray guns may sound like an unnecessary luxury. However, it really is the best way to get a truly flawless finish.

Spray paints and finishes respond and react in different ways. They move at a different rate, each one produces uniquely shaped droplets and settles differently. No two spraying fluids are the same, so being able to choose exactly the right spray gun for the job is important.

If you need to spray a vehicle, this kit is perfect. You can use the two spray heads, and spare fluid tip, to apply the basecoats, clear coats and topcoats. Importantly there are two spray cups, meaning you do not lose time having to clean your container out before moving on to the next coat. There are also cleaning brushes included.

A good spray gun saves you money

The other reason for investing in a good quality Devilbiss Pro spray gun is that it will save you money. Having good control over the amount of spray fluid that is delivered allows you to minimize overspray.

OK, so now you have some great reasons to treat yourself to one of these beautiful spray guns, we are going to take a closer look at their range.

Devilbiss GTI 620G Gravity Feed Paint Gun

The Devilbiss GTI range has been around for a while. Over that time, several versions have been released. The Devilbiss GTI 620g is by far the best.

This versatile spray gun, which offers you a choice of 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5mm tips. With this spray gun, you get fast coverage. The design is lightweight, so it is easy to control, and comfortable. This spray gun provides the perfect atomization rate for single stage spraying jobs using materials like clearcoats.

When designing this HVLP spray gun Devilbiss clearly had home users in mind as well as professionals. It is extremely easy to set up, use and clean the Devilbiss GTI pro.

Devilbiss Starting Line HVLP Kit

The Devilbiss Plus paint sprayer kit is another example of a two gun, two spray cup set, which includes cleaning brushes. This kit has been made primarily with professional sprayers in mind, rather than the hobbyist.

There are three tip options. The full size HLVP gun has a 1.3mm fluid tip; the mini HVLP gun has a 1.0mm tip, which is perfect for detail work. You also get a 1.8mm tip for priming. This range of tips makes it a good option for an auto sprayer.