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It is all about price and what you need the spray gun for. Believe it or not if you study out the main selling brands for HVLP spray guns and the different choices that are available, you could probably break down the uses for these tools as using them to paint furniture, to touch up walls, or to do even whole new additions to homes.

Other uses are to paint classic automobiles, or car repair jobs in general. Around the home other uses could be painting the outside of your house, staining your deck, or redoing a family room or maybe even a garage. The uses are as wide as there are people. I am sure you have your uses in mind as well.

Taking a look at the main selling brands on Amazon let’s examine lightly each company and what stands out to us.

They are known in this field of HVLP Spray guns to be a very versatile product line. Their pricing while not the most expensive in the market are in the upper third for the price you will pay for the Graco HVLP spray gun you best feel will fit your needs best.

Customers report excellent results with the Graco guns on a vast assortment of DIY projects. The equipment is well known, it is popular and known for being a dependable brand as well.

They are one of the top three best selling spray gun lines for professional use on Amazon. Graco has numerous tools to choose from, and we found many of the selections are well reviewed, and the number of reviews is high for at least the top 4 selling choices.

Graco spray guns and applicators offer innovative technology and superior quality delivering the performance you need to get the job done. That is a common response generally summed up from multitudes of 4 star, 5 star reviews. We cover at least 5 of the top sellers on our Graco Brand Page. Read More »

There are many ways to look at the successes of a brand. Some people will look at the quantity of units sold to the consumer. While other will look at mainly the quality of the equipment produced and sold.

Then sometimes there is a product line, like Wagner, which magically is able to have a quality product line along with selling mass quantities of their product line. Wagner is definitely popular for covering it all well.

Wagner tools have been around since 1953 – Josef Wagner developed an electrical paint-spraying tool for skilled contractors and homeowners; this was the humble start of the Wagner company.

Then in 1965 they shifted gears more towards developing/producing airless high-pressure paint spraying equipment for painters, decorators, and industrial paint shops.

This all lead to amazing growth for the company in Europe, then they joined forces with Spray Tech Inc in 1973. Today we have Wagner SprayTech Corp.

Home owners as well as contractors look to Wagner for consistently great Spray guns to use for all purse spray painting. Their prices are probably more the middle range for almost all of their spray gun models. Highly respected and more the mid range slightly leaning towards the higher end for prices. An excellent choice. Read More »

DeVilbiss in looking at the product range for spray guns, both innovations and using a product as a top of the line product, you would consider any product by DeVilbiss top of the line.

Their products are used with equal success in the wood, aerospace, plastics, metal, and automotive industries by operators ranging from the industrial professional to the hobbyist.

According to their web site this is how they describe themselves. “DeVilbiss equipment is used to spray a wide variety of solvent-based and waterborne coatings including single and dual component and low and high solids materials.”

They are definitely top shelf. They provide three day seminars to customers to properly use their equipment.

These seminars are intensive in learning the equipment, the systems and the various techniques of finishing with a spray gun. Hands on training is provided as well.

Read our informative brand page for a top shelf HVLP Spay gun equipment line. Read More »

This brand is a preferred choice for customers who are looking for affordable spray paint application equipment that will get smaller, more one time uses completed. Some tools will often make the job at hand easier to complete. These tools by Harbor Freight appear to fit that niche.

Actually Harbor freight is a 750 store company, which is the largest retailer in the US of discounted hand tools. Most of their tools are private label manufactured for them by other tool makers.

So you save money on the tool for your job, but maybe the lifetime use is not the greatest, but they do offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their Harbor freight branded tools. That is a great thing to have, especially with cheaper priced equipment.

The HVLP spray equipment from them is definitely the lowest priced equipment available, in most cases. Read More »

The Husky brand is the Home Depot’s private label brand, but they’re also available on Amazon.com.

The Husky selection, while limited in spray paint equipment, is represented well with a Husky HVLP Spray gun kit.

The prices are competitive, and the quality is definitely there as Stanley Tool (Stanley Tools of the Bob Vila, Sears fame) manufactures the equipment today. Find out more about Husky and the Husky HVLP Spray Gun and Spray Gun kit here. Read More »

The Apollo Brand of smaller precision hand tools is known for it’s support of Women’s Breast Cancer programs and it’s Pink Tools tool line. The tools are pink and stand out in your tool collection.

They include in the tool line, some precision calibrated hand HVLP spray painters and spray painter accessory tools.

The Apollo tools are all manufactured in a dedicated tool manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, China. The tools are more towards the expensive side of the HVLP spray Gun Choices available on the market, but they are also some of the most feature-rich and powerful. Read More »