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The spray painting market is a specialist one. To produce a flawless finish the paint sprayer you choose must be well engineered, and made from high quality components that fit together flawlessly. These units have to be manufactured to a high standard. This is why most of the companies that make paint sprayers for professionals have been around for decades.

Over the years, they have been able to develop the necessary knowledge and top class machine tools needed to be able to manufacture sprayers that perform at high pressures, and offer precision control. Apollo Sprayers was founded in California, during the 70s, so they certainly fit that description.

Apollo Sprayer’s High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) is the product of choice for all kinds of professionals. All of this firm’s spraying systems are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Every model exceeds the California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) standard, which is the toughest air quality standard in the world.

Their sprayers offer an amazing transfer rate of between 80 and 90%. This is not only good for the environment and the health of the user; it also means that you waste a lot less paint. It also gives you better control, and generates less overspray, which translates into a fantastic finish, and economical spraying.

They make a lot of different sprayers and accessories, but these are the three that caught our eye. All of them offer amazing functionality at a competitive price point.

Apollo Eco 4

This Apollo HVLP spray gun is suitable for both home users and professionals. This feature rich, high-end unit is built to last. The all metal case, spray head and materials holder are all designed to stand up to heavy use, including rattling around a work van.

It also features Apollo’s patented Quiet Technology system, which makes it one of the quietest spraying units on the market. The Apollo Eco 4 is very powerful. It provides around 12% more power than most other 4-stage HVLP sprayers, in the same class, do.

Importantly, the operator can harness and control that power, so they can decide on exactly how much material is applied to the surface they are spraying.

Apollo sells two spray guns that are also compatible with this powerful paint-spraying unit. The package includes a 20ft flexible hose, which makes it ideal for use on large jobs.

The Eco 4 was designed with the small workshop owner in mind, but is also popular with property developers and homeowners who are undertaking a large renovation. The list of materials that you can apply with this spraying system is a long one, which is why it is also popular with farmers, boat owners and paint shops.

Apollo 5 Stage Turbine HVLP Sprayer

If you regularly have to spray highly viscous materials, the Apollo Turbine Sprayer is a great choice. You can use it to spray stains, polyurethanes, enamels, lacquers, varnish, linear polyurethanes and catalyzed finishes.

If you are the owner of a paint-shop, or a firm offering specialist spray services, the Apollo 5 provides you with the versatility you need. The package includes a high-grade, 1-quart, spray gun, and it is compatible with 14 other Apollo spray guns.

It is also a good option for contractors, painters and decorators. You can use latex paints, emulsion, waterborne coatings, gelcoats and most other specialist paints. As a result, it is an especially good option for a decorator.

The turbo spray has been developed by the Apollo team specifically with sprayers who prefer HVLP technology, in mind. It delivers up to 22% more power than similar sprayers do.

This versatile paint-spraying unit has won several awards including a Sequoia award and it was voted as the Best New HVLP Tool by the subscribers of Popular Woodworking.

Apollo Eco 5 Turbine

The latest model in the Apollo Turbine paint sprayer range is called the Eco 5. As the name indicates, it is a five-stage sprayer, and it is extremely powerful. This power means that it can easily cope with spraying a wide range of materials, including the thickest products. Often you will not need to thin the products, which helps you to achieve a high quality, protective finish.

Because it handles most modern paints and finishes without any issues, it is popular with boat yards, contractors, professional decorators and private individuals who are undertaking big DIY projects. The fact it is fitted with Quiet Technology means that it is one of the quieter paint sprayers on the market, an important consideration if you regularly work in people’s homes, or built up areas.

It has a 20ft hose, which gives it a good reach. The spay guns that are compatible with this turbine paint sprayer are all designed to minimize overspray. This reduces wastage, and speeds up the preparation, spraying and cleanup processes.

If you are planning to use the Eco 5 for automotive spraying, you may want to consider buying the 7500-GTO spray gun, which Apollo recommends for this type of work. At the time of writing this, the Apollo Eco 5 kit comes with a choice of two spray guns – the E7000 non-bleeder spray gun or the E5011 HVLP bleeder spray gun. If you opt for the non-bleed gun, expect to add about $50 to the price you pay.

The right sprayer for the job

Without a doubt, buying an Apollo sprayer is a good investment. However, it is important to do your research and think about how you are likely to want to use it in the future, as well as now.

If you have a specific type of spraying in mind, you may have to buy an additional spray gun to get the best results. Fortunately, Apollo offers very good customer support and their team is experienced enough to give tailored and in-depth advice to anyone who needs it.

Apollo spray equipment is not the cheapest, but it is still well worth investigating, and maybe saving up for.