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Greetings to All!

Hello and welcome to our site. If you have ever done research on a certain tool that you are interested in, you will spend a lot of time going from one site to another gathering information.

That is one of our pet peeves. Much effort is expended to accomplish your learning curve.

We have aimed to take the learning curve out of using a spray painter around your home. You will find many different general information articles about spray painting. We also provide several articles about the different types of spray painters, spray painting systems or kits that are available.

It is our goal by producing the content of this site, to take a novice from point A to point B. What we mean is you are searching online haphazardly for a month or two. You have an idea that you might like to redo your fence around your yard. So then you find us!

It All Starts With An Idea

Everything in life starts with the germination of a thought, an idea. You think maybe would should re-stain a yard fence or stain a deck again. You need to freshen them up. The reasons for this could be, aesthetic or they could be functional.

So what’s your vision? what’s your goal? What DIY project is currently laying dormant at your residence? Do you have that special automobile sitting in the garage that is in need, that you have been stalling on?

Maybe it’s a piece of special furniture? Or maybe a hot tub room that needs to be addressed. Don’t just let it sit there, and languish. Let’s go.

Ready, Set, Go!

So Ok you are here, what to do? We would suggest that you take some time to go over the Paint Sprayer Projects category page. Take your time and read through these articles. They will help with information about paint spraying and the things that you can do.

I am talking about the possibilities of the types of things (projects) that you can and should involve with a spray painter. To get better results with less effort a great exciting thing to look forward to. We know you will see possibilities for your own self, making it personal.

Now That You Are Involved

Moving on, once you have completed Part A, then you can move on to Part B. Our HVLP Sprayer Guides & Tips category page is our home to much more information, for you to learn from, technical information to help you make the best decisions possible.

You can learn specifics about paints, finishes, Sprayer gun specs, compressors etc. Also we cover interesting tips on using this equipment that will come in very handy.

Using your machinery (tools) correctly will help you to avoid wasting time or worst yet making tactical errors that could result in you totally messing up your job.

How so you ask? Just think through for a second what problems you will create for yourself if you, oh let’s say, use the wrong paint, and you get a finished product that you do not like.

You get a flat based look instead of an enameled looked. Or another great example is that you didn’t thin down your paint and so you resulted in an uneven sprayed finish.

The paint is thicker in some places than others. Maybe your paint dries with some drips because it clumped up when spray painted with an HVLP paint spray gun.

Our Brands Page

The other category page we have provided for you is our HVLP Brands page. From there you are able to navigate to at least seven name brands that represent sprayer guns that you may look at, and study.

Once you have gone through the brands, such as Graco, DeVillbis, Wagner and Apollo, then you are able to make intelligent buying decisions, about what you will need as tools to help you obtain the results you are looking for.

While our reviews are not the end all, be all, they will give you some well founded openly presented facts and what we found to be true information.

What is what we found to be true information? Well that is researched matters that are good things, excellent points, or maybe even concerns and red flags that are present with this particular product. What present customers or current owners say about the equipment.

Our Reasoning

These are all choices made available to you, and for you to save your precious time. You will need to objectively consider strengths and weaknesses that seem to be part of this certain model, make and what you decide to be true.

We hope you will use this site as a resource for learning about both spray painting and the purchasing options open to you.

We cover much of what you need to know about various manufacturers and their products. This is to give you learned option choices so that you are able to make the best choices for you, your needs and goals.

We will mention from time to time a recommended product that you may find fits your needs. We try not to recommend just any old spray painter but a highly reviewed one for you to seriously consider.One thing you will find that we do, is present to you a comparison chart.

Compare one against the other. We have found this to be a great way to help you decide which company and which models has what you are looking for.

Thank You For Supporting Us

Purchasing one of these products from our recommendation is how we support our efforts in writing, researching and maintaining tour site for you.

Although we may receive a commission for a purchase that originates through one of these advertisement links, we do not have any other connection with those companies and would still recommend their products even without these ads.

Thank you and good luck with your projects.

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