There are many jobs around your house that would benefit by using a spray painter. Buying the proper HVLP spray painter to accomplish the project you need completed is the challenge.

You will need to be planning out what your timetable is to accomplish the project. You must also consider what type of equipment can you best complete it with.

There are many choices available and making the right selection is important to you. Do the job and do it well, that is the goal.

Let’s take a general look at what you are dealing with. You need to learn about paints and what the differences are in your choices. Latex, Acrylic, enamel to name a few.

Also you need to throw into the mix the list of manufacturers such as Graco, Wagner, Apollo, Devilbiss, and Harbor Freight HVLP paint sprayers are just some name brands to start with.

We have put together this guide that will help you learn about them and figure out which may be the best for your needs. Let us be your mentor – just browse through the topics listed below to get started.

Learn about the top HVLP paint sprayer companies including our recommendations on using specific models for different types of DIY projects. Just select a manufacturer to get started.

Take a look at some interesting spray painting projects here. Read about these great home improvement DIY projects to get started with ideas for your own.

We provide some great guides for you on the maintenance and care of your HVLP equipment. Without this essential knowledge, your tools can easily go into disrepair and may not function when you need them to do so.


Analyzing Your Job

There are two extremely important areas to get right when it comes to spray painting anything around the home. The type of tool to buy to use on your project to get the job done, and how to best accomplish the goal by planning it out. In a nut shell everything hinges on these two areas.

Big things to plan out would be, the time of year it is that the work is being done. Is it winter, spring, summer or fall. What is the weather going to be like.

Why, well because of drying, painting temperatures and because of needing proper ventilation. Winter probably a bad time, mid day in the summer, probably a bad time as well.

What do you need to do to prepare the painting job. If it’s a wall, what kind of jobs are needed to get the surface ready to go. Some things here will be sanding down the surface, spackling and sanding is possible. Washing down and drying is another action to think about.

How much time will be needed to do all of this? Then what colors and what type of finishes do you like?

Picking Out the Right HVLP Spray Gun

The last large preparation area to discuss is, how am I going to best accomplish the finish I want and the best possible final results that I wish.

Visualize it. What does it look like?

Pick out the gun that will cover the are you need to paint. How much pressure is needed to do the paint, small areas require less pressure and larger areas will need more oomph to push out more spray and to make it look really nice for you.

So consider HVLP spray gun, or a HVMP gun? Consider propulsion systems, such as air compressors, or turbine run for which is best for you?

So size of job, surface of what you are painting and then also the square footage of the job. All are to be largely looked at in choosing which spray gun.

What We Think is Really Neat

If we were in your shoes I would find this site to be a fun place to be. I would be learning about spray painting as well as what sprayer systems appear to be better for certain situations.

In other words our goal is to save you time, energy and frustration in trying to find all the information you will need to say refurbish those kitchen chairs of yours. You have pondered about redoing the chairs for a couple of years now. But alas you keep putting it off.

You just can’t see yourself spending tons of time researching everything you will need to know, to get the job done. But then you found us. Everything you need is under one roof.

You can dig in and go through our sections that are laid out for your ease. The reading is enjoyable and lighthearted as well.

What Can You Expect?

That’s a great question for you to ask. First we pride ourselves on honestly laying out information for you to read, think about, and use. We would suggest to even take these ideas as seed ideas. Do some more research of your own. Become the project. You will get great results if you do.

We are not suggesting we have covered everything but we have put you on the road to successfully planning out and doing the project you have in mind to do. Good Luck!